Nevada State Police rescue kitten on side of busy highway in Las Vegas

The job of a state trooper primarily involves patrolling the roads and highways to enforce traffic and criminal laws. They can also be first responders when accidents happen, administering first aid and helping to operate emergency equipment. They’re trained to be pretty versatile but it’s fair to say pet rescue is not normally in their brief. However, when Nevada State Police received a call saying an animal had been spotted on the on-ramp of the busy I-95 in Las Vegas, Trooper Estrada didn’t hesitate to spring into action.

Watch the video to see one of Nevada’s finest capture a kitten.

As she pulled up on the roadside, she realized the wanderer was a kitten, who’d strayed onto the highway despite the fact that it’s illegal for pedestrians to do so in Nevada. Not surprisingly, then, the kitty tried to escape, and the trooper’s initial attempts to apprehend the suspect were unsuccessful. But eventually, justice prevailed, as she captured the kitten and took it back to her vehicle. And according to state police, the feline felon is now serving her time as an adopted pet in the home of a wonderful family.

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