What to know as Apple event debuts new iOS

It’s that time of year where iPhone owners discover the new features landing on their smartphones this fall.

Apple kicks off WWDC Monday with a keynote address during which the tech giant is widely expected to share information on iOS 17, the next operating system for iPhones.

Apple typically reveals early details on its next iOS ahead of the launch of a new model of the iPhone in September.

During last year’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced iOS 16, rolling out features including customizable lock screens showing quick information like weather and news headlines. The company also unveiled a new MacBook Pro model.

Apple will also unveil system upgrades for other devices including Macs, iPads and the Apple Watch.

Screengrab from WWDC 2023 of what's coming in the next iOS.

How to watch WWDC keynote?

The keynote is available to watch through Apple’s website, or on the Apple TV app. In previous years, Apple has also streamed its keynote on YouTube.

Apple introduces Vision Pro, a new AR headset

And here comes the mixed reality headset. Apple unveils Vision Pro. Using eyes, head and voice, you control apps and other tools. You can also see through the headset like you’re wearing glasses, but apps appear in your environment like augmented reality. “Vision Pro will introduce us to spatial computing,” said Cook, comparing it to how the Mac and iPhone revolutionized technology.

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