2023 Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge

2023 Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge

Welcome to the 2023 Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge! Our official start date is Saturday, April 1 – although you can start anytime! Whenever you decide to go for it, I’ve put together a new resource full of recipes, meal plans and tips to help make your experience easy and successful.

2023 squeaky clean keto challenge

I’ll say upfront that you can do the 2023 Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge without using this new e-book. It is definitely not a requirement as you can use the existing Squeaky recipes and meal plans here on the site, or if you have my book Squeaky Clean Keto you can use the recipes and meal plans in there.

Or come up with your own menu based on the Squeaky Clean Keto Guidelines.

It all counts, and as long as you are following the plan rules, you are going to reap the benefits and feel amazing!

All that said, for only $9.99 this e-book is full of delicious new recipes, old favorites from the website, as well as some favorites from the Squeaky Clean Keto Book.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside:

Recipe Format

Since this Shrimp Stew recipe is already here on the website I’ll share this screenshot so you can see the formatting of the recipes in the e-book (note that the quality is compressed for this website but the e-book is pin sharp):

2023 squeaky clean keto challenge recipe exerpt

The e-book contains 32 recipes (half of which are brand new) and they include some delicious new SCK options like PANCAKES. I know – I’m excited too – the 2023 Squeaky Clean Keto Challenge is looking more delicious than ever!


Here’s a few tantalizing photos of what you can expect to eat during your 30 days:

Are you hungry yet? Can you believe this is what you can be eating on a so-called detox or elimination diet where you will not only lose weight but feel amazing?

In addition to the mouthwatering recipes and full color illustrations for each of them, there are other resources like the guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions, and more. It’s everything you need and then some to complete the 30 day 2023 squeaky clean challenge like it’s nothing!

sample of 2023 squeaky clean keto challenge guidelines


Of course, the best part about this e-book is the Meal Plans. I did all the tedious macro counting and planning for you, so all you have to do is follow the plans, eat delicious food, and you will see fantastic results!

Meal Plan Format

Here is a sample of the meal plan format (obviously the ones in the e-book are filled in completely):

2023 squeaky clean keto challenge week 1 meal plan sample

If you’re intrigued enough to go for it, you can order 2023 Squeaky Clean Challenge e-book by clicking the button below!

Upon payment you will automatically be emailed a zip file that contains 2 copies of the ebook. One for viewing on screen, and another one formatted more simply and with less color so that you can print it easily and without using up all your printer ink.

Have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.


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